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Landa Gene is an innovative and forward-thinking genetics start-up with the potential to transform the healthcare industry. Landa Gene was founded by Landa International Holding Company as a subsidiary dedicated to identifying and preventing disease through genetic testing.

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing looks for changes, called mutations or variants, in your DNA, which is useful in many areas of medicine and can change the medical care you or your family members receive. For instance, it can provide a diagnosis for a genetic condition about your risk to develop cancer. There are many different kinds of genetic tests that are done using a blood or spit sample, whose results are usually ready in a few weeks. Because you share DNA with your family members, if you are diagnosed to have a genetic change, your family members may have the same one. Our genetic counselling before and after genetic testing can help make sure that you are the right person in your family to get a genetic test, you’re getting the right genetic test, you are sent your results, and that you are connected to the right doctors or experts.


Reasons for Genetic Testing

What is family health history?

A record of the diseases and health conditions in your family is what we call family health history. You and your family members share genes and you may also have behaviors in common, such as exercise habits and what you like and dislike. You may live in the same area and come into contact with similar things in the environment. Family history includes all of these factors, any of which can affect your health, especially regarding cancer.



Our objective is to examine and assess more than 50,000 tests within the following five years. This will result in the development of individualized health programs that enable us to gain a competitive edge in the market and ultimately establish ourselves as the leading platform in the genetic testing field; consequently, in the online genetic testing market.


Our mission is committed to applying both science and technology including artificial intelligence in order to create a world totally aware of genetic makeup, the probability of any genetic diseases, and ways to prevent those diseases. Our ultimate purpose is to control these genetic diseases to the extent that the promotion of the individual and social life of subscribers will be guaranteed.

Road Map


Tech Evaluation








Landa Gene App

We are developing an application that will soon be launched and provides many features for you to live a healthier life using your own genetic data and feel better about yourself every day. This involves not only your own health, but also your family's and that is why there is a designated family field in air App's profile.

Our Team


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